September 01, 2022

September Service Spotlight

KDS Offers Bespoke Grantseeking Assistance

While KDS loves our big multi-service provider clients, we also want to work with smaller nonprofits who are looking for funding that is sustaining and potentially transformative. We also realize that not everyone is in the position to sign a contract with us and thus…Bespoke Grantseeking Assistance was born!

If you have a specific question about an opportunity you may want to pursue, a narrative you’ve constructed, or about the direction your organization is headed with regards to grantseeking, you can book a half hour or one hour consultation with our fearless leader, Christina Kazanas. No contract is needed!

Our hope is that we can provide expertise, guidance, and suggestions that will steer newer and smaller nonprofits towards the funding they need to succeed. These are the next generation of impact makers in our communities, and we want to do our part to ensure their sustainability for the long haul.