January 07, 2022

4-Day Workweek

What is your organization doing to improve employee morale and address their need for time off/wellness in 2022?

KDS has instituted some exciting workplace policies. We were thrilled to hear that the Congressional Progressive Caucus endorsed the 32-Hour Work Week Act. CNBC has a segment on it here:

We’ve noticed that while there’s a ton of support right now for transitioning to a 4-day work week, there’s a scarcity of online resources with practical suggestions for implementing this change on a daily basis, and a dearth of practical suggestions of how staff will need to manage their time and client expectations.

Always looking to further dialogue on how to improve work/life balance, KDS will be documenting our own transition to a 4-day work week, and sharing our challenges and wins with you. We’d love to see this become a widely adopted practice, and ideally just one of many to prevent #non-profit and #microbusiness staff burnout and improve retention in a non-exploitative way.