KDS supports nonprofit organizations looking to create a successful and sustainable grant revenue strategy.

We manifest solutions for the problems that keep communities from being healthy, vibrant, and equitable. Our best work is inspired by your mission. Together, we can achieve transformative change.

Grant Readiness Assessment

Before you dive into the grant pool, do you know if you’re ready to swim? KDS conducts a comprehensive assessment of your organization’s readiness to launch a grant seeking and management strategy. We look at your structure, your staffing, your leadership, and your processes to determine your current ability to submit, win, and manage grants. Then, we provide and execute recommendations that position your organization for grant success.

Grant Prospect Research

Finding grant opportunities and funders can feel like trying to find a needle in the world’s largest haystack. KDS uses both tools and its relationships and experiences with funders to unearth the highest and best funding opportunities for your organization. We conduct extensive vetting of funders and their priorities to create a clear grantseeking plan, taking the heavy (and tedious) lift off your staff.

Grantwriting & Proposal Development

From soup to nuts, KDS works with your organization’s subject experts to creates compelling and winning grant applications. Our Associates weave their program development, project management, technical writing, and storytelling skills to develop and submit highly competitive proposals to public and private funders, putting your organization in the best possible position for highly sought-after funding.

Post Award Contract Management & Compliance

KDS can help your program and fiscal staff understand and stick to contract deliverables, adhere to funder requirements, and prepare high quality grant reports. We can also advise your organization on best practices for operationalizing a healthy grant compliance infrastructure to protect your reputation as a reliable steward of funding.

Bespoke Grantseeking Assistance

Looking for tailored advice on grantseeking? Have an opportunity to pursue but not sure what you're getting your organization into? You wrote something and you want a professional to look it over? We're happy to help! Sign up for an hour (or a half hour) consultation - no contract needed!

The KDS Difference

KDS is a group of former non-profit professionals who know how to get it done. We've worked in the trenches and know what non profits deal with. What we offer to our clients is unique in both process and results:

• We are the fresh eyes you need because you are too close to the day-to-day workings of your organization;
• We are wise enough to know what we don't know and bring in additional expertise when needed, and;
• We are generalists with a wide-reaching knowledge of what's working across a range of sectors within the nonprofit world. We borrow from the best and avoid the worst.
Our Impact