October 23, 2022

Writing About Growth

How do you frame your organizational growth in grant proposals?

A common challenge that organizations face is first, how to grow and expand their programs and infrastructure, and second, how to discuss this need for growth in their grant proposals so that funding can be obtained. It’s a rare funder that promotes their willingness to fund infrastructure for core mission support.

KDS has some suggestions for how you can frame this need in your grantwriting, based upon what we are currently doing for clients who are in the midst of leveling up.

  • Describe what is driving the need for organizational program expansion.
  • Focus on the impact of growing your organization or programs.
  • How will this growth benefit the population you serve?
  • How does this growth provide core mission support?
  • What will this grant money allow you to build?

Core Mission Support: What It Really Takes For An Organization To Thrive – Faunalytics