January 09, 2023

January Service Spotlight: Bespoke Grantseeking Assistance

Our hope is that we can provide expertise, guidance, and suggestions that will steer newer and smaller nonprofits towards the funding they need to succeed.

New to grantseeking and looking to dive into the pool? Experienced in grantseeking but looking to develop a new strategy to grow your revenue?
Sometimes all it takes is a few good ideas to set you on the right path towards your goal.

KDS offers Bespoke Grantseeking Advising services to non-profits who are looking for the expertise and guidance that will steer them towards successful grant procurement. If you have questions about a specific opportunity you may want to pursue, a narrative you’ve constructed, or even if your organization is ready to seek and win grants, book a consultation with our fearless leader, Christina Kazanas. No contract needed! Reach out to us at heythere@kazanasstrategies.com today!