June 15, 2021

The Ethical Rainmaker Does It Again

"What I'm hoping we'll get out of the conversation is that it is a broken model. And how on earth can we begin to solve the issues that our communities face if we can't at first acknowledge that there is a problem."

Back in June, The Ethical Rainmaker podcast released Part 2 of their most listened-to episode: The Racist Roots of Nonprofits & Philanthropy. Christine Shimizu, co-founder of the ever-inspiring Community Centric Fundraising is relatable and brilliant. KDS is thrilled that this conversation is continuing to challenge the status quo of the nonprofit field, and validate the experiences of those working within the field who are aware of the paradox that oftentimes the change they are trying to enact reinforces the system that perpetuates the problems.


Listen to the podcat here.