August 02, 2021

Tips on vetting grant opportunities:

I just did an initial research project for a new client and want to impart some suggestions while the experience is fresh in my head!

1) Search forwards and backwards. Search through funding sources and do a reverse-search to see who is funding other organizations and programs like yours.

2) Make. Sure. You. Are. Eligible. For. The. Grants. You. Seek. You must filter for geography, population served, organizational structure, and focus.

3) Variety in opportunity types is critical. Find a healthy mix of grants that have rolling deadlines, firm deadlines, are by invitation, are one-time awards, and have the option to be renewed.

4) Stay organized. Start a spreadsheet. Include key dates, contact info, request amount. Keep the spreadsheet current.

5) Document your choices. Keep notes on why a funder or opportunity is a good fit, if you have community or board members in common.